Acting Like Audrey

Here, have a Cannes Film Festival trailer :)

Welcome back!

Well, it’s been… over a year? I’m not quite sure I’ve been swept up in well life. But I know that Tumblr has a new layout so it’s gotta be a long time ago I last visited this place.

For those of you who are original readers here’s what’s happened:

Theatre of the Dead: We went to the Cannes Film Festival and got some GREAT international buzz so hopefully there will be DVD’s coming out in YOUR neck of the woods. I myself get to finally go to the invite only premiere screening for the cast and crew.

Perdition: is currently on hiatus, Indie projects am I right?! ;) but with other projects happening I’m not feeling the sting too much and others aren’t either at the moment

Brigadoon: WAS A ROUSING SUCCESS! I not only got to finally step out in an awesome little cameo but I apparently blew away the competition! I was also fortunate enough to meet some amazing people and the first guy to get me out of the single lane. Which is always a plus.

By the way I was acting in yet another Lights, Canberra, Action short which made it to the top 12 and got the “best use of a location” award. We also got some good awards at last years Cirque u Nocturne (horror film competition) and will hopefully be entering it again if the director can pull it all together in time.

As for me, I’m concentrating on uni at the moment, as well as films and the occasional audition. As well as work, TONS of work, especially since my promotion which has lead to a ridiculous amount of paperwork and extra hours haha.

still, fun fun fun! Hang tight people. I will be back!

Depression Week (draft)

Many of you may be wondering why on earth I would decide to write about depression in a blog about acting etc. But depression is a common issue, especially for ‘actor’ types, but in life 1 out of 4 women will have experienced depression at some point in their lives. Now when I say depression I’m not talking about disappointment, stress or being sad. Those are temporary emotions. I’m talking about waking up every day and taking an hour to convince yourself that you have to get out of bed, because the world isn’t worth facing, because you know in your heart that if you never woke up again, no one would care. I’m talking about being at home/at work/in the middle of class and feel such a horrific dread for no apparent reason you just want to cry (and if you let yourself you will cry, for hours and hours for no real known reason). About not caring about things you were passionate about, about just wanting to walk for hours and hours aimlessly because the fear of going home is paralyzing. That’s what I have been (and still am) going through.

Yes, I myself have battled with depression for quite some time (since high-school) and I think it is about time to start to explain the story, and maybe let others know that you can get through it too;

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TotD update! This Friday was the release of the official trailed for our zombie film Theatre of the Dead! Enjoy the gore ;)

Gift 2 (Canberra Theatre Champ)

A good friend of mine runs this blog and I find it hilarious. Although it might help to know the people in question (and of course in Canberra everyone knows everyone when it comes to theatre) but it’s still pretty hilarious in it’s own right. I highly recommend checking it out cause some of the gifs are just fabulous.

Audition Checklist (Gift 1)

A good audition is two-fourth preparation and two-fourths pure theatre.

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{This is a piece I wrote when I first started the blog, but it still rings true. Just recently there was a few shows auditioning at the same time and it reminded me how important preparation is (once you actually get INTO a show you kind of settle into a casual routine. By the end most people in the cast know your exhausted face, how you look disheveled, eat together, sleep together, etc etc etc).}

Via Looking at Life: the Anxiety Angle


Well I’m back!

I was gone for a while so sorry to those who may have been expecting something new, but things get in the way, destiny, the will of a higher power blah blah blah.

I’ve been getting involved in some pretty awesome projects. Theatre of the Dead and Brigadoon are coming along nicely (Brigadoon will be bumping in, in about 5-6 weeks EXCITING! more of that to come)

The film festival season is still coming along so I have two shorts lined up, one cameo coming, and the web series ‘Perdition’ starting later this year.


For now I’ve been kept away with uni work and rehearsals. So as an apology to my unexplained absence I have two gifts to give.

For those of you interested in sound design I recently had the good fortune of having Damian Candusso come and do a lecture at my uni for one of my classes. If you are unaware of who he may be he worked on children’s classics like Blinky Bill and recently; Happy Feet, Australia, and Legend of the Guardians.

He explained to us the magic of Star Wars laser gun effects. Enjoy the video I found proving it hehe

*Pew Pew*

Brigadoon (Rehearsal 6)

Wow things are escalating quickly. The rehearsals are really picking up steam. This week consisted of;

MONDAY: This was a fairly relaxed night. We set a scene from act one and dealt with some of the older dances (fixed em up/finished them, ya know, the usual), then headed home. I guess it goes without saying that the atmosphere etc was fabulous. I mean, duh.

THURSDAY: Unfortunately I was late, I had a bit of a mental thing going on. We rehearsed the first act (well, most of it) and ran through the Bonny Jean ballet. It ran pretty damn smoothly which is great and the fact we almost finished the first act was (and IS) pretty fabulous.

When life knocks you down, calmly get back up, smile and very politely say “You hit like a bitch”